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There is a phony “locksmith” scam that is sweeping this Nation including Connecticut. They are falsely advertising in yellow pages, web sites and else where. They advertise phone numbers to addresses that do not exist. They also advertise incorrect information such as, BBB membership and associations with other non-existent affiliations. THIS IS A BLATANT DISREGARD OF FEDERAL LAW. There is a Federal Law referred to as the Lanham Act. You may visit the many blogs about fraulent locksmith including their advertising by starting at "locksmith phony advertising" and take special note of the ABC News blog on "organized crime locksmiths. Most of these law breakers have no certification, are not insured and are not bonded. If they come to your home or business often times they will drive an unmarked vehicle (no company name on vehicle), they will not dress appropriately (no company name on clothing.) and they resort to the old “bait and switch”. In other words: What was quoted on the phone is now much, much more. In the past I have worked with the State of Connecticut Consumer Protection agency and action has been taken yet these “companies” have proliferated the State. Below, please find numerous resources that may help you in choosing a valid, professional locksmith in your area (Yes, by all means check me out)


Although ATT’s front page of their phone book states, “The Real Yellow Pages” implying that their competition “The Yellow Book” is not, both major corporations continue to provide the advertising venue for these Federal law breakers knowing full well of their deceptive practices.


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