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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s The most frequently asked question in my 30 years of business is: “Can you change my locks?” Yes, I can. And most importantly it’s important to realize this does not necessarily mean that the old hardware comes out and new hardware goes in. (That’s the expensive way) In most cases all that is needed is what’s called “re-keying”. The old pins in the cylinder are removed and new ones are replaced to match a new key. Don’t let anyone tell you different if you have the old key.

Q: Can my new deadbolt that is being installed be made to work off of the same key or keys of existing locks on my home?
A: Maybe! I’ll explain: The keyways need to be compatible. In other words, if you take one key and try to insert it in another lock and it does not accept the key, then you cannot. However, before the expense of replacing the entire lock perhaps just the cylinder needs to be replaced. It’s less expensive.

Q: Can I have absolute key control?
A: Yes. There are high security products that have keys that cannot be duplicated at your local hardware store or at another locksmiths’ for that matter. They either do not have the key blanks or do not have the correct key cutting machine.

Q: What is your availability to address my security needs?
A: Same day – if not, next. On rare occasions I may be involved in a larger project. Call to find out.

Q: Am I insured?
A: Yes! $1,000,000 liability policy. Some other locksmith companies will not be allowed on mall and other company premises because they do not comply with an insurance policy. Am I bonded? You bet! I carry a card with me to prove it. Other locksmiths? Some do I’m sure. Is ATLANTIC LOCK & SAFE registered with the Connecticut Consumer Protection Agency? Absolutely! Other locksmiths? Some say they are. However, anyone that states that they are “licensed” with the State of Connecticut is not correct. There is no licensure in Connecticut for locksmiths.

Q: Do I enjoy my profession?
A: I love my job. I make new friends every day and make people happy and secure every day. Send me an Email and within one day I shall return your inquiry with an Email or phone call to answer any questions or concerns.

Q: What is reasonable in regards to physical door security?
A: As a father, husband, and locksmith with over 30 years of experience, I believe deadbolts and locksets are reasonable on any point of access into your home. I can’t tell you how many times I hear, “If they want to get in, they will.” Here are my thoughts: I would rather my first line of defense be my front door and not my bedroom door at 2:00 AM. Not to sound cynical; however, a good medium grade deadbolt may take 10-15 kicks to get in if installed correctly as opposed to 2 or 3 with just a lockset. Deadbolts are reasonable – they provide added security – they are “common sense.”

Q: What kind of quality do I need?
A: I do not recommend the most expensive product and I do not recommend the least expensive product. A well-made middle of the line product is sufficient. The “box” stores generally carry the bottom of the line product, hence the “rock bottom” price.


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