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There is a vast array of how your home’s security can be customized to your needs. Consider this: your present locks can be rekeyed so anyone that has had or you suspect may have your keys will no longer be able to operate your locks. Your locks do not have to be physically replaced as some may lead you to believe. You can have your present locks rekeyed so that they will work from the same key. You can add deadbolts and match keys to existing locksets or other deadbolts.

Bottom Line: As a father, husband and locksmith, I have a simple basic rule. I want my first line of defense to be my points of entry into my home (doors and windows) and not my bedroom door at 2:00 in the morning. Reasonable. Basic. And Formidable Defense: Deadbolts. There are two things that bad guys don’t want: 1. Make noise. 2. Take time. Consider this one basic rule of thumb.


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